South Jutland by bike

In Southern Jutland you will find some of Denmark's most beautiful and contrasting landscapes. The ice ridge from the last ice age intersects the landscape in two, and on each side of the line the landscapes are markedly different. In the east you will find the tunnel valleys, the moraine slopes and the dead ice landscapes, where the landscape in the west almost becomes flat and slopes slowly down towards the North Sea, only interrupted by individual hill islands with soft, rounded hills.

With over 3000 km of cycling routes, Sønderjylland is the clean sailing country for cyclists. The area offers many marked cycle routes. The local, regional and national routes lead you through the beautiful scenery and past the area's many attractions. In the forests you have the opportunity to lay the route yourself on small roads and forest paths, so your trip leads past the many burial mounds and special sights. At the tourist offices in the area you will find detailed guide books and map material on both national, regional and local bicycle and mountain bike routes.

Flensburg Fjord Danhostel & Anneks is a good starting point for cycling in the area - whether you bring your own bike or choose to rent one on site.

RENT A BIKE: You do not need to bring your own bike, at Benniksgaard Hotel (where you check in) they have brand new bikes - it costs DKK 100, - per day. Pre-order at 74650949

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